Get me out of the box! – what are your transitional skills?

In recruitment you see not only a CV and someone’s history but you also talk about the future, a full picture of where they are and where they want to be.  Usually that simplifies recruitment as you simply introduce people the right opportunities. But what happens when you meet someone who needs something new, someone who is so far typecast into a particular area or with the skills people desire so badly, agencies do nothing but talk about the jobs you don’t want!

It’s time to get out the box! Typecasting is common place but its not unnatural either to want to carve out a new career. You’ve already done what you’re good at, but what about doing what you’ve always wanted. Easy enough if you don’t mind an apprentice salary but that’s not often feasible. There is a way out though and it’s all about timing and commitment

To paraphrase Einstein himself, no one wants to hire a fish to be a tree surgeon, but a fish with a chainsaw…well I’ve not seen that before, I’m intrigued.

Make a plan:

  • Use your CV or start from scratch and list every duty you currently do.
  • Highlight your favourite parts of the day, your worst parts and your key sklls (those that no one else outside your team can offer)
  • Take your key points and research, find ways to expand your knowledge in these areas

After completing the above of course you may find you don’t need to move, that your place of work wasn’t the problem but rather that you want to do more! When you eventually apply for that great job you couldn’t of dreamed of getting an interview for, not only are you there, with more rounded experience, perhaps some qualifications on the side and experience that will impress you also can bring so much more to a business, one of the most well-rounded team members in the company.

It’s about timing, you want to spend the rest of your life as an accountant, the next 6 months putting a plan in place is not a bad idea, never rush a career choice, take your time and draw up the unbeatable plan that no one else has thought of! Contact Oliver Shalvey today to discuss your career and where you want to be.

My to do lists have to do lists

Organisation is a skill, some people have it and some don’t, but there are now many options to help you get your ducks in a row and it’s key for those juggling many tasks on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. Its important to embrace being organized, it saves time, improves service and reduces your stress! I’ve listed a couple of options below for you to decide which is right for you, if you are like me, you may need to adjust your style of work in the same way you would your lifestyle but your new found productivity will be testament to a job well done!

The list

Make it work for you. If you are in sales then a shorter list won’t crush your motivation and will keep you focused, ask yourself what 3 calls will I make next that will make me money! If your list needs more detail then a simply A,B,C system for prioritising your task list is a great  option. Be sure to make a key differential between urgent and important!

Technology, apps and software

This can often prove more efficient then your paper-based list, especially for the technologically minded. The best thing is your options with technology. If you prefer Windows, simply word and excel can provide what you need but as can gmail. Click onto the app store and to-do lists are readily available, evernote is my personal choice and works great if your notes are detailed and complex, google keep is the slimmed down, simple version of this.


As a young man many moons ago I went on a time-management and organisation course (due to being badly organised). This was a classroom full of people who all struggled the same but didn’t want to admit it. Easily the most valuable lesson on organisation I’ve had as a classroom full of people who didn’t think they could manage, bounced ideas off each other and each person could tailor their own approach, not expensive and I for one definitely have seen a return over time.

Three great options to explore but remember, there are 4 main pillars of being organised and productive.

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Coordinating resource
  • Time Management

Find the right option for you to make sure you’re on top of your work today and bring a new dimension to what you do.